Experts Discuss the Theory and Practice of Validation

The “Conference on Validation in the Integrated Qualifications System – from Premises to Practice” organised by IBE was held on October 16 at CEZAMAT. Among the participants were representatives of the Ministry of National Education, certifying institutions and industry organisations who talked about their experiences with the validation process.

The turnout was good, about 100 participants interested in validation attended. Among the issues discussed were the prospects for the development of the Integrated Qualifications System, the role and significance of market qualifications in the IQS, as well as the elements of a qualification’s description. Above all, however, the main topic of the meeting was validation and its practical application.

During the conference, tools useful in planning and conducting validation were presented, such as:

My Portfolio – a computer and smartphone application that helps people interested in attaining market qualifications to properly prepare for validation

Catalogue of Validation Methods – a source of information on selected methods of verifying competences used in various stages of validation

Database of Good Practices – examples of how validation and ensuring the quality of the process of awarding qualifications are organised in different countries.

During the meeting, two panel discussions were held with the participation of representatives of various IQS stakeholder groups.

We invite you to have a look at the photo gallery from the conference, with more photos available on FB at Kwalifikacje po europejsku [European-style Qualifications].


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