How To Attain A Qualification

One of the most important elements of the Integrated Qualifications System is the ability to formally confirm that a person actually has the competences of a given qualification. This confirmation process is called “validation” in the terminology of the IQS. Its most important premise is that it does not matter how or where we acquire our knowledge, skills and social competences − at school, at university, at work, during training, or learning at home, but what matters is what we know and are able to do.

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The PQF Level On Certificates And Diplomas

All qualifications included in the IQS have an assigned Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) level, which reflects the complexity of the qualification’s skills and the level of independence a person has within the scope of their professional competence. This allows different qualifications to be easily compared and referenced to those functioning in other European countries.

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Bilans kompetencji

Jesteś zmęczony swoją dotychczasową pracą i myślisz o przebranżowieniu nowej? A może wracasz na rynek pracy po dłuższej przerwie lub po prostu nie jesteś zdecydowany, czym chciałbyś się w życiu zająć? Jeśli tak, to powinieneś skorzystać z bilansu kompetencji!

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