The next market qualifications have been included in the IQS

The past few days have seen the Integrated Qualifications System grow by as many as five new market qualifications: "Carpenter - master diploma", "Furniture carpenter - master diploma", "Furniture carpenter - journeyman certificate", "Confectioner - master diploma" and "Auto body painter - journeyman certificate. "
kobieta w stolarni przyjmuje zamowienia

New qualifications in the IQS are a response to market demand, where having a verified, confirmed and recognized certificate of skills is highly valued by employers. This is also an opportunity for employees who want to officially confirm what they already know and obtain the appropriate document confirming their competences.

Information on the knowledge, skills and competences required to attain these qualifications can be found in the Monitor Polski (Official Gazette of the Republic of Poland):


„Carpenter – master diploma”

„Auto body painter – journeyman certificate”

„Confectioner – master diploma”

„Furniture carpenter – master diploma”

„Furniture carpenter – journeyman certificate”