Solutions for Your Sector

In an era of a dynamically changing labour market, entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy must constantly follow the latest market trends and ensure that their staff have the appropriate level of qualifications in order to maintain competitiveness and not fall behind the rest of the industry.

Where can they get the right specialists, however, if there is a competence gap in the market? How can a company securely plan its development, so that after having made the investment, it does not lack the professionals who can guarantee the success of its plans?

A Company-friendly System

The IQS can provide entrepreneurs with a selection of tools for assessing the competences of job candidates seeking work in their company, make it easier to select appropriate training for their employees and potentially increase their competitiveness in calls for tenders from abroad.

However, this is not all: by becoming involved in the development of the system, entrepreneurs can have a real impact on its shape, creating, among others, effective recruitment standards that they will be able to use themselves, as well as initiating a discussion within a given industry about its needs.

How to become involved in the process of developing the system?

You can get involved in developing the system by:

  • Describing specific qualifications closely tailored to the needs of your industry and the market and submitting them to the IQS.
  • Participating in consultations in your industry, during which the sector is informed about the start of work on a given qualification and can provide its opinions on this.
  • Acting as a specialist or expert to provide opinions, define occupational qualifications and develop the scheme to assure the quality of the qualifications in a given economic sector.
  • Working on a Sectoral Qualifications Framework that further details the entries of the Polish Qualifications Framework by taking into account the specificity of a given industry and helps to identify competence gaps


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