Seminar on the IQS for the media

You are invited by the Educational Research Institute to a seminar "The Integrated Qualifications Register Revealed – Inspirations for the Media". This event is addressed to journalists and all persons involved in communications and promotion in government institutions, non-governmental organisations and enterprises.

The seminar will be an excellent opportunity to present information on the Integrated Qualifications Register (ZRK) from the perspective of institutions implementing the system and in the context of processes relating to describing, including and attaining qualifications. Seminar participants will learn the basic assumptions of the system and the benefits of its implementation. They will also have the opportunity to participate in an open debate that will conclude the event.

The seminar will be attended by representatives of three sectors: public, social and private, which will enable an exchange of experiences and a presentation of the discussed issues from different perspectives. It will also be an opportunity to find an answers to the question of how to best inform potential users about the Integrated Qualifications System, so that the premises of the system and the benefits of becoming involved in its operation are transparent and understandable to everyone.

The seminar will take place on Wednesday, 22 May 2019 at the Ogrodowa 58 Business Centre in Warsaw (London Room, 4th floor). Registrations can be made up to 5 business days before the event, that is until May 17. Participation in the seminar is free. You are cordially invited!