A contest for post-primary school students!

You have until January 31, 2019 to submit an entry to the film contest „My qualifications through a camera lens” being held by the Educational Research Institute. Students attending post-primary school in the Pomorze, Mazowsze and Lublin regions are invited to participate.

About the contest

The contest is being held in three regions: Pomorze, Mazowsze and Lublin. To enter, submit a short film promoting the IQS in any form – for example, a news report, interview, documentary, or music video. The main theme should be one of the following:

“My qualification in the labour market” or

“The Integrated Qualifications System – I like it!”

The contest is being held to promote the concept of lifelong learning and the opportunities provided by the Integrated Qualifications System. The contest should also encourage young people to attain market qualifications, which will make it easier for them to enter the labour market in the future.

The deadline for submitting contest entries is January 31, 2019. The winners will be announced on February 18.


Each region will have three winners, who will receive attractive monetary prizes. More information on this is found in the Contest Rules.

The contest is being held under the auspices of “The inclusion of innovative and socially needed qualifications in the Integrated Qualifications System as well as reducing barriers to the development of the IQS by providing support to its national and regional stakeholders” Project.

Downloads (PL)

Contest rules

Attachment 1_Application form

Attachment 2_Formal assessment criteria

Attachment 3_Substantive assessment criteria