About the IQS at the largest automotive trade fair in central Europe

The newest edition of the largest automotive trade fair in central Europe – Motor Show – was held last weekend. One of the exhibitors was the Educational Research Institute, which presented information on the Integrated Qualifications System.

During its four-day run from March 28-31, the 2019 Poznań Motor Show gathered several hundred motor industry representatives – including car and tire manufacturers, dealers, petrochemical and car paint companies. People from the automotive sector as well as motoring enthusiasts were warmly welcomed at the Show.

Ferrari, contests and… qualifications

Everyone could find something for themselves in the programme of events. As every year, the Motor Show premiered the new models of many global brands and concept cars. Business representatives could take part in numerous discussion panels devoted to industry topics, and the remaining guests – in contests with attractive prizes. The exhibitors prepared numerous attractions for Motor Show guests: you could take a picture of yourself with such models as Ferrari or Lamborghini, view an impressive collection of Oldtimers, watch an extreme riding show of motorcycles, or drive a full electric Audi e-tron. The attractive program of the Show attracted real crowds! One of the exhibitors at the Fair was the Educational Research Institute, whose stand also enjoyed considerable interest from the participants of the event. The presence of IBE at the Fair was linked to the development of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the moto industry.

Qualifications in the automotive industry

At IBE’s stand, guests could talk about the Integrated Qualifications System or read printed materials about the system’s operation. In addition, on Saturday 30 March, a debate was held on the Integrated Qualifications System with representatives of the industry and IBE. The meeting discussed the needs of the labour market in the automotive industry, the situation in sectoral schools and the benefits that the IQS can bring to the sector by preparing better qualified personnel. During the debate, participants sought to answer the question of whether formal education today responds to the needs of the labour market. The subject of the complementarity of market qualifications and those attained through formal learning was also discussed.

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