The stakeholders seminar on the Integrated Qualifications Register in the IQS

A general information seminar was held on the role of the Integrated Qualifications Register (IQR) in the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS) on June 6–7 at the Panorama Hotel in Mszczonów. The end result? Over 100 participants, a number of working groups, dozens of ideas and an unlimited amount of positive energy.

The two-day seminar was devoted to the functioning and development of the IQR in the Integrated Qualifications System. The event was also a great opportunity to exchange information and knowledge about previous achievements in the implementation of the IQS. Participants shared their reflections on the activities supporting the system’s implementation and discussed the next stages required to further develop the Integrated Qualifications System and the Integrated Qualifications Register.

The course of the seminar

A plenary session opened the event with talks by Dr Piotr Stankiewicz, Director of the Educational Research Institute, Anna Wolska, Deputy Director of IBE for the IQS, Urszula Martynowicz, Director of Strategy, Qualifications and Vocational Training at the Ministry of National Education, and IQS project leaders Agata Wiśniewska-Górczewska, Katarzyna Wielguszewska and Marek Kopyt.

After the plenary session, participants divided into groups to discuss the role of regional advisors, support for developing market qualifications, building bridges between market qualifications and vocational education, and the language of learning outcomes, among other topics. The purpose of the thematic sessions was to take a cross-sectional look at selected issues in order to see the wide spectrum of activities that have been and are possible to undertake within the IQS. The results of these discussions were summarised on the second day of the seminar as part of the technical and substantive sessions. The possibilities of using the collected suggestions in the future were also considered.

A system developed from the bottom-up

The event was primarily organised for IQS stakeholders – market representatives, industry organisations, public administration and all those involved in developing the system. As was stated at the opening of the seminar by the IBE’s Director, Dr Piotr Stankiewicz: “The IQS and the IQR are distinguished by the grassroots involvement of stakeholders.” Deputy Director Anna Wolska also spoke in a similar tone, emphasising that it would be impossible to implement the system without the participation of market representatives.

We invite you to view the presentations summarising the individual speeches during the plenary session of the seminar.