The Market Qualification “Preparing Food In Accordance With Market Trends and Principles of Healthy Nutrition” Has Been Included in the IQS

The Minister of Sport and Tourism announced the inclusion of another market qualification to the Integrated Qualifications System on November 20, 2018.

A person with the qualification “Preparing Food In Accordance With Market Trends and the Principles of Healthy Nutrition” is able to independently plan and prepare food by following a provided recipe, abide by the principles of healthy nutrition and modern culinary techniques, as well as prepare food in accordance with the concepts of fine dining and slow food.

This market qualification is confirmed by a certificate that is valid for 10 years. In order to begin the validation process, a person interested in attaining this qualification must have completed lower secondary school or an eight-year primary school (i.e. have a full qualification at PQF level 2).

More information on the knowledge, skills and social competences required to attain this qualification can be found in Monitor Polski.