The PQF Level On Certificates And Diplomas

All qualifications included in the IQS have an assigned Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) level, which reflects the complexity of the qualification’s skills and the level of independence a person has within the scope of their professional competence. This allows different qualifications to be easily compared and referenced to those functioning in other European countries.
zwinięty dyplom ukończenia szkoły

The Polish Qualifications Framework level trademark printed on diplomas and certificates allows a person to determine specifically what the holder can do, and is a commonly accepted symbol of quality.

As of 2017, all Polish higher education diplomas and school certificates have the Polish Qualifications Framework level trademark.

A certificate with the PQF level trademark is a symbol of quality in Poland and abroad!


If a given qualification is among those included in the IQS, the diploma or certificate confirming that it has been awarded is reliable and widely recognised proof of what the holder actually knows and is able to do. This is a useful way of confirming competences, both for jobseekers or employees seeking promotion, and for employers recruiting workers.

Other European Union countries also have their own qualifications frameworks, and in 2008, the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) was established, allowing the national qualifications framework levels of various Member States to be compared. Having a diploma or certificate with a PQF level trademark allows employees to prove the level of their skills to foreign employers. It also makes it easier for companies to prove to a contractor in another EU country that they have employees with the appropriate skills to undertake a given contract.

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