Research on student preferences in the labour market

The list of qualifications included in the Integrated Qualifications System has recently grown by two new ones: "Managing restaurant operations" and "Providing office services". As a result, the process of selecting awarding bodies has begun. We invite you to submit an application!

At the beginning of August, a report was published on a study conducted by students from Silesia on the labour market in the Upper Silesian-Zagłębie metropolitan area. The Educational Research Institute was a research partner in this study, which included a statement by one of IBE’s regional advisors on the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS).

The study was conducted by a team of students as part of Junior Enterprise, a non-profit organisation managed by students and offering consulting services to companies. The initiative was under the patronage of IBE, which supported the organisers primarily in terms of methodological consulting on the content of the study questions. The study was conducted as a survey and its purpose was to examine the preferences of students in the Silesian and Zagłębie labour market, and to communicate this to employers. The study organisers are aiming for their report to be an important contribution to the trend of ever-broader cooperation between business and the scientific community. One of the questions in the study refers to the Integrated Qualifications System and the concept of lifelong learning. The report itself has a statement by IBE regional advisor Artur Wieczorek on the subject of the IQS.

We encourage you to read the report at: