My Portfolio – a free app supporting professional development

Interview with Iwona Gmaj, Integrated Qualifications System expert on the innovative My Portfolio application, allowing a person to collect all the evidence of one's competences in one place.

What is My Portfolio?

My Portfolio is a free application that allows you to gather all your competences in one place together with evidence that you actually have them. Its purpose is to make it easier to collect this type of information and present it clearly. My Portfolio allows you to connect your competences with the evidence and organise them in folders, each of which can serve a different purpose – to present your qualifications to an employer, deepen your own interests or to have your skills formally confirmed and to attain qualifications.

What exactly is consideredevidence” in proving your competences?

Evidence can take many forms, it all depends on how we want to show our achievements. They can be, for example, references from a previous workplace or a description of a completed project, a link to a website, prepared presentations, photos of your own works or video recordings in which you demonstrate your skills. The app gives freelancers the opportunity to present graphic, construction or artistic works. The application enables an employer to view the tangible results of your work and relate them to their needs. In addition, My Portfolio is always up-to-date, because thanks to the secure storage of data in its cloud, you can supplement or modify it at any time.

How can My Portfolio support the confirmation of my skills?

By using the application, you can share the portfolio with all interested persons who would like to confirm whether you have specific skills. For example, this could be potential employers who use it to learn something more about you than from the CV itself, because they immediately can see your achievements. It allows you to speed up the time it takes to confirm your competences. And if you need a classic CV, you can generate one for free based on the information you have entered in the app.

Can the application be treated as an additional solution supporting the Integrated Qualifications System?

Yes, the application has also been developed with the Integrated Qualifications System in mind – it meets its assumptions and helps to promote the concept of lifelong learning. By making a portfolio, it is easier for you to plan your development because you see what has already been achieved and what else you can do. My Portfolio also allows you to search for learning outcomes and add them to the list of your competences. In this way, app users can find not only individual learning outcomes in the system, but also an entire qualification relating to their skills. If convincing evidence is collected that meets all the requirements of a given qualification, you can start the validation process in an institution authorised to award it and obtain a reliable certificate. Such a qualification can open new opportunities for you in the labour market.

What are the benefits to employers of this innovative application?

First of all, a short and effective employee recruitment process is important to an employer. It is crucial to precisely define the company’s needs and quickly reach potential candidates. My Portfolio gives companies the ability to more efficiently confirm a potential employee’s portfolio and skills.

What needs to be done to use My Portfolio?

Just go to Creating a profile is very simple, and adding material to the portfolio is quite easy. Of course, the service is free and the stored data is secure.

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