Let’s talk about qualifications in the HR and marketing industry

A consultative seminar on qualifications relating to HR and branding will take place on June 27 in Warsaw. We would like especially to invite people working in HR, those interested in creating effective employee appraisal systems, marketers, spokespersons and people involved in branding and rebranding.

Seminar participants will learn about the main premises of the Integrated Qualifications System and take part in discussions on the applications for including the following market qualifications in the IQS:

  1. Designing competence- and effectiveness-based systems for periodic employee assessments.
  2. Testing the associative structure and semantic similarity of a commercial brand.

The meeting will take place on June 27, 2019 at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Warsaw (Azalia Room) on ul. Towarowa 2.

Accommodation and reimbursement of travel expenses are provided for participants from outside of Warsaw in accordance with the guidelines presented in the attachment “Information on the reimbursement of travel expenses”.

We invite you to read the event programme and to register!



Information on the reimbursement of travel expenses