How To Describe A Market Qualification

Market qualifications are those designed by various sectors of the economy based on their specialised knowledge and accumulated experience, and are not regulated by legal acts.

What is a market qualification

A market qualification is a set of learning outcomes, i.e. the knowledge, skills and social competences acquired in any way, then assessed through independent examinations and formally confirmed with a certificate issued by an authorised awarding body. The knowledge, skills and social competences can be acquired at school or in higher education, as well as through various types of courses and training, and even through informal learning, e.g. they are learned in a job or independently on-line via the Internet.

The minister responsible for the field of the economy represented by the qualification – the relevant minister – decides on its inclusion in the system after an application is submitted by representatives of the sector or industry.

How to describe a market qualification

Before a qualification is included in the Integrated Qualifications System, it must first be described in detail. Then an application is submitted to the Integrated Qualifications Register, where it is evaluated by the sectoral community and specialists. Each qualification should also be assigned a Polish Qualification Framework level.

The way a qualification should be described is defined in art. 15 of the IQS Act. Accordingly, each application for the inclusion of a market qualification to the system must contain a precise description, including, but not limited to: the required learning outcomes, the groups potentially interested in attaining it, the requirements for validation and the entities performing validation, the ways the qualification can be used in the labour market, and an indication of the demand for this qualification.

The description of a market qualification is a valuable source of information for:

  • people planning their personal development and career path,
  • employers searching for people with the appropriate competences and are interested in undertaking activities to develop their employees,
  • entities interested in awarding (certifying) market qualifications,
  • education and vocational counsellors, school pedagogues and parents, teachers responsible for developing education programmes.


The Educational Research Institute can assist you in the process of describing market qualifications.



How to describe a market qualification
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