Droniada 2019 – on qualifications in Industry 4.0

The 2019 Droniada will be held on June 5−8 at the Katowice-Muchowiec Airport − this is the sixth edition of the competition organised by Collegium Civitas for academic teams using drones and information analysis systems. One of the event's partners is the Educational Research Institute, whose experts will talk about the Integrated Qualifications System.

Nine teams from six Polish polytechnic universities will participate in the competition. “We expect innovative solutions in the field of robotics, infocommunications and aviation, which in the future will be able to be used in business or crisis response,” said Sławomir Kosieliński, president of the Mikromakro Institute Foundation board and director of the Centre for Studies on the Future at Collegium Civitas. The event will be opened by a seminar devoted to related professions and the situation in the labour market. The competition itself will start on Thursday, June 6. On the same day, Droniada guests will have the opportunity to listen to a debate on the Integrated Qualifications System, which will be conducted by experts from the Educational Research Institute.

See you in Katowice!

Droniada will be held on June 5-8 at the Silesian Aeroclub at the Katowice-Muchowiec Airport. The event is addressed, among others, to scientific communities, local government organisations, public benefit organisations, uniformed services, as well as representatives of the ICT, drone-robotics, space, air, energy and mining, agri-food, construction, transport, logistics and automotive sectors. You are cordially invited to attend!