“Designing computer graphics”, “designing websites” and “programming and supprting 3D printing” – three it qualifications included in the IQS!

More qualifications – this time from the IT field – have been added to the Integrated Qualifications System. This is good news for persons involved in designing websites, computer graphics or 3D printing.

To obtain the qualification “Designing Computer Graphics” (Polish Qualifications Framework level 4), among other things, a person must demonstrate the ability to create a graphic design for an electronic or printed publication. There is no expiration date for certificates confirming this qualification.

Designing and programming a website supported by web browsers (front-end): use of HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies, as well as working on ready graphics and multimedia files – these are the skills that must be acquired in order to attain the market qualification “Designing websites” (Polish Qualification Framework level 4). The certificate confirming this qualification is issued for a five year period.

A person with market qualification “Programming and Supporting 3D Printing” (Polish Qualification Framework level 3) will able to use 3D printing technology and support this process to produce physical objects based on provided computer models.

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