An Open Seminar on “Designing Validation in the IQS”

This seminar is being held as part of the project: "Support to central government administration, awarding bodies and quality assurance institutions in implementing stage II of the Integrated Qualifications System".

It is especially designed for persons who already have basic knowledge about the IQS and would like to learn more about the validation of learning outcomes. These can be representatives of institutions interested in awarding market qualifications included in the IQS, in validating the learning outcomes required for qualifications and in the internal quality assurance of awarding qualifications. We therefore invite people from managerial staff, teachers, trainers, assessors, examiners, vocational and/or educational counsellors.

During the seminar, participants will learn:

  • the information in the description of a qualification that has to be taken into account in designing the validation process of the learning outcomes required for the qualification,
  • how to choose validation methods for the learning outcomes to ensure the highest reliability of the results of their assessment,
  • the elements of a validation scenario,
  • how to develop a validation scheme based on a validation scenario,
  • the elements of an internal quality assurance system for awarding qualifications,
  • how foreign qualifications systems operate in practice.

The seminar is led by experienced trainers – experts in learning involved in the design and implementation of institutional solutions in the IQS at the Educational Research Institute. The seminar programme and information on the rules for travel cost reimbursement together with the application are listed below.


Organisational information:

  • The seminar is free of charge.
  • Seminar participants receive informational materials and meals; persons from outside of the city may receive reimbursement of travel costs.
  • The number of participants is limited.


Travel costs reimbursement rules

Travel cost reimbursement application

More information is available from Ms Monika Nawrocka +48 22 24 17 127, e-mail: