The Integrated Qualifications System at the Małopolska Innovation Festival

A seminar was held on the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS) on June 11 of this year as part of the Małopolska Innovation Festival. The Educational Research Institute was one of the partners of the Festival.

During the seminar, which was entitled “The Integrated Qualifications System – from Innovation to Qualifications”, participants discussed how to combine the challenges of the modern labour market with the development of human capital in Poland through the IQS. The seminar was organised as a workshop (presentations, mini-lectures, discussion and exercises). Most of the participants were HR employees, representatives of NGOs and training institutions. There was also no lack of persons from vocational education and the school system.

The programme included discussions about the concept of lifelong learning and its importance for the HR sector. Details on the descriptions of qualifications and the functioning of the Integrated Qualifications Register, which is one of the most important elements of the IQS, were also reviewed.

Małopolska Innovation Festival