“Tailor-made Qualifications” – News from the Seminar for the Fashion Industry

A seminar entitled "Tailor-made Qualifications. Innovations for the Development of Fashion Industry Employees" was held on June 4 at the Focus Hotel in Łódź. The event was an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of the sector and to discuss the competences and qualifications operating in the fashion industry.

The seminar was primarily addressed to representatives of the fashion industry – including employers, industry organisations, trade unions and educational institutions. Participants at the event had the opportunity to learn about the main premises of the Integrated Qualifications System, including system tools focused on supporting the industry. The possibilities of using the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Fashion Industry in employee recruitment, qualifications management and the identification of competence gaps was discussed. Participants also reviewed the benefits of describing market qualifications and their inclusion in the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS). Industry representatives shared their experiences of participating in the ongoing pilot implementation of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework in a large and small enterprise, which aims to standardise job descriptions and improve recruitment processes.

The Industry about Itself

The seminar ended with a discussion panel of industry representatives sharing their opinions on the future of the sector in the context of human resources development opportunities. The role of building a positive image of the sector as an innovative and important branch of the national economy was emphasised many times. During the meeting, a number of suggestions were made on ways to address the deficit of professionals, including the need to strengthen the reputation of industry schools and vocational upper secondary schools, as well as to support activities in the area of non-formal education. Attention was also paid to the need for the more active use of regional funds, as well as those intended for the functioning of Sector Skills Councils, whose role is, among others, the financing of development services.


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