On the competences of employees at the Copernicus Science Centre

A conference presenting the results of the Human Capital Study will take place on September 17 at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. The theme of the event is "Employee competences as the biggest challenge of the Polish labour market".

The leading topic of the conference will be changes in the labour market from the perspective of competences and access to them, as well as their impact on the main participants in the market, i.e. employers and employees. Together with conference participants, the organisers will try to answer some important questions:

  • Do we really have an employee’s market?
  • What impact do millennials have on the changing organisational culture and employee management systems?
  • How do employers perceive people aged 50+?
  • How do adult Poles learn?
  • Human Capital Study

The Human Capital Study is one of Europe’s largest research projects in the area of professional competences, employment and the labour market. Its main aim is to diagnose and monitor the human capital resources in the Polish market and the factors responsible for their development. These research results are the basis for developing recommendations for public policies in such areas as science and education, the labour market and entrepreneurship development. The research has been conducted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in cooperation with Jagiellonian University since 2009. 

More information is available from: http://www.parp.gov.pl/konferencjabkl