The Educational Research Institute (IBE) coordinates the work and provides substantive support for implementing the Integrated Qualifications System.
The scope of assistance provided by IBE includes:

  • consulting applications at every stage of their processing
working with interested groups to organise information seminars and working meetings

  • supporting the consultation process in various sectors and industries

  • helping applicants in applying to have qualifications entered into the system

  • supporting the organisation of meetings of ministry staff with applicants

  • supporting institutions that want to award qualifications

Are you interested in describing a qualification?


Awarding Bodies

Do you want to award a qualification? Or maybe you already are an authorised awarding body and have questions about how to do this?

External quality assurance bodies

Are you on the list of external quality assurance entities and have questions about what you need to do and how? Do you need support in conducting external evaluations for the IQS?


PR & Communications