Use the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS)

Use the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS)

Are you employed or seeking employment?

Are you employed? Are you a student? Are you developing a hobby? Get a certificate which will:

  • be a credible document confirming your skills and knowledge – even if you lack formal education in a given field;
  • testify to the level of your qualifications in an understandable way to employers on both the domestic as well as the European labour market;
  • make it easier for you to plan your career, find a new job or even move to another line of business.

Are you looking for dependable employees?

Are you an employer? Invest in human capital! Rely on IQS certificates.

A certificate issued under the IQS:

  • is a document which will help you objectively assess the knowledge, skills and social competences of job candidates for your company;
  • stands for the proven quality of the awarded qualification – supervised by the ministries, 
  • ensures compliance with market needs – each qualification is consulted with experts and representatives of a given industry before it is included in the system;
  • serves as a straight forward assessment of the human capital in your companyto those abroad – the PQF trademark corresponds to the European Qualifications Framework;
  • represents your contribution to the development of the company and the state – you too can propose a qualification to be included in the system.

Do you support others in their professional development?

The IQS is a great tool for planning one’s career – also for individuals seeking new jobs, perhaps in a different line of business altogether. 

With the IQS, individuals with no formal education can confirm their competence with a document other than a school graduation diploma.
Each market qualification included in the IQS includes a detailed description of the level of knowledge, skills and social competences to be possessed by an individual seeking certification. Each candidate awarded a certificate for a given qualification has successfully passed the validation process – i.e. the process of assessing their competences by competent experts.
With a market qualification certificate, a candidate can present their level of knowledge, skills and social competences to a potential employer regardless of their formal education background.

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