Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Megatrend Shaping Education

The monograph presented here draws the reader’s attention to the opportunities, threats and challenges posed by the application of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in education. The authors have skillfully presented their considerations, placing them within four broad thematic sections: Society and the State, Education, Industry and Services.

Structuring the discussion into sections highlights the multidimensionality and multifacetedness of the AI issue. Simultaneously, it indicates how wide the field of AI applications can be when educational needs are taken into account.

The interdisciplinary approach to this issue used in the study also shows that AI deserves to be called a megatrend affecting society and the economy, including the education sector. The value of the presented publication is not only cognitive, but practical in nature as well. The issues discussed and the formulated recommendations relating to the challenges as well as the opportunities emerging from the implementation of AI solutions in education are to support the efforts of education policy-makers, teachers, teacher-training institutions and representatives of education administrators.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Megatrend Shaping Education

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