Good information for webmasters and graphic designers

“Creating websites” and “Designing computer graphics” are two new qualifications that started functioning in the Integrated Qualifications System as of May 28, 2019. All those interested in professional development in these fields are encouraged to read their descriptions and attain the relevant certificates.

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On validation at the VPL Biennale in Berlin

At the beginning of May, the third edition of the international VPL (Validation of Prior Learning) Biennale was held in Berlin. At the meeting of the European Qualifications Framework Advisory Group, organised on the occasion of the Biennale, Iwona Gmaj representing IBE and Maciej Lasota, an Advisory Group member from the Ministry of National Education, presented a report on the validation solutions used in Poland.

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New qualifications in the IQS

On May 21, the list of qualifications included in the Integrated Qualifications System grew by seven new ones! As a result, the process of selecting awarding bodies has begun. You are invited to submit an application!

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Droniada 2019 – on qualifications in Industry 4.0

The 2019 Droniada will be held on June 5−8 at the Katowice-Muchowiec Airport − this is the sixth edition of the competition organised by Collegium Civitas for academic teams using drones and information analysis systems. One of the event’s partners is the Educational Research Institute, whose experts will talk about the Integrated Qualifications System.

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