About IBE

The Educational Research Institute (IBE) coordinates the work and substantive support for the implementation of the IQS. IBE is an interdisciplinary research unit conducting studies on the functioning and effectiveness of the education system and the labour market.

The scope of IBE’s support provided to stakeholders of the IQS includes, among others:

  • Consultations at every stage of processing applications
  • Cooperation in organising information seminars and working meetings
  • Support for consultations with industry/sector representatives
  • Support for entities applying to include qualifications in the IQS
  • Support in organising ministerial staff meetings with applicants
  • Support for institutions that can act as awarding bodies

About IBE

IBE is an interdisciplinary research unit that conducts studies on the functioning and effectiveness of the education system and the labour market. The Institute participates in national and international research projects, prepares reports, provides expert opinions, and performs advisory functions.

IBE is supervised by the Ministry of National Education and cooperates, among others, with Statistics Poland, the Central Examination Board, the Centre for the Development of the Education System, as well as central administration, local governments, schools, universities, non-governmental organisations and research centres in Poland and abroad.


  • Issues relating to the concept of lifelong learning
  • The functioning of the qualifications system
  • Measuring and analysing students’ educational achievements
  • Tracking the situation of young people entering the labour market
  • The psychological and pedagogical basis of school achievements
  • The economic determinants of education and financing education
  • Teachers’ working conditions
  • The social determinants of the functioning of the education system



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