Integrated Qualification Register (IQR)

The Integrated Qualifications Register is a public register that gathers information on all qualifications included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

The Register provides information on the specific requirements needed in order to attain a given qualification and which institutions are authorised to award them. The register includes “full” qualifications, i.e. those that are only awarded in the school and higher education systems, as well as “partial” qualifications, which include vocational education, postgraduate, regulated, market qualifications and those awarded in the craft trades.

With the IQR you can:

  • browse qualifications included in the IQS and search for institutions that award a given qualification – without having to register in the IQR
apply to have a new market qualification included in the IQS

  • request that your institution be granted the authorisation to award qualifications

  • apply to be added to the list of entities performing external quality assurance

  • track the dates of workshops and seminars on the IQR

Take a look at the qualifications listed in the Integrated Qualifications Register.