Which certificates are worth the trouble?

Finding employment has become increasingly easy in many sectors of the Polish economy. Numerous companies compete against one another in their search for talented personnel. The option to work remotely, free fruit on Wednesdays, perks and bonuses in addition to a handsome salary. In some lines of business, the above have become standard elements pointed out in job advertisements designed to attract as many potential candidates as possible.

In most cases, good employment conditions are offered only to highly qualified employees. There has been a growing demand for personnel with technical training, IT specialists and construction workers with particular skills. The list or professions goes on and on. The following question arises: how to improve one’s chances for employment? Perhaps it would be a good idea to move to another line of business? How can we prove our skills or make sure they correspond to expectations of the labour market?

This is where certificates issued by institutions operating under the Integrated Qualifications System come in handy. Such documents confirm our skills in a particular field. Each qualification is described in detail and thus a person undergoing validation (a process designed to verify one’s skills) is provided with precise information on the requirements to be met in order to be awarded a given qualification. Additionally, information on what we need to learn in order to receive the desired certificate is also available. Moreover, the certificates are recognised in numerous EU states. Therefore, a certificate holder can find employment or change occupation more easily as well as improve their skills or expand knowledge on their craft.

Examples of valuable certificates

Below, you will find a list of 5 market qualifications actively functioning in Poland. For a complete list of qualifications please visit: https://rejestr.kwalifikacje.gov.pl.

1. Active sale targeted at corporate clients – a sales representative

This qualification is indented for individuals who have learned to build relations with their customers by themselves and now wish to have their competences officially acknowledged. Such individuals might have completed a course or training in sale. They work either as sales force or customer service personnel but their qualifications in this field have not been officially acknowledged.

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2. Installation and maintenance of optic fibre connections and indoor systems

This qualification may be of interest for those candidates, who want to participate in the construction and installation of fibre optic systems, students and graduates from vocational as well as trade-specific schools as well as employees who want to develop their qualifications, e.g. fitters of telecommunication or electric systems. Additionally, the attainment of this qualification may be considered useful for entrepreneurs planning on providing services consisting in installation of optic fibre systems or employees of companies constructing fibre optic or telecommunication networks. The qualification may be particularly useful for the unemployed, as it enables gaining, in a short period of time, a qualification which is much desired on the labour market.

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3. Computer graphic design

An ideal qualification for all those who pigeonhole their computer graphics and would like to make their debut on the labour market. It is also useful for IT specialists providing website, social media and blog development/management services.  Additionally, the qualification may be beneficial for web developers, web page and web site administrators, photographers, editors, journalists, reporters and graphic designers, who would like to have their competence related to computer graphic design acknowledged, as well as individuals with education in fine arts and graduates from academies of fine arts.

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4. Tour guide

A person with this qualification is prepared to act on behalf of a tour operator. Such an individual prepares tour plans and gathers organizational as well as sightseeing information regarding the course of a given tour. A tour guide pilots tourists along the tour and provides them with organizational as well as sightseeing information. This person also tends to tourists participating in the tour and supervises due provision of all services resulting from the commitments of the tour operator while protecting the resources and reputation of his/her employer.

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5. Website development

This qualification encompasses skills related to designing solutions allowing for responsiveness and mobile device technologies with particular focus on taking into consideration requirements related to user experience, programming, edition of graphical elements and suitable website search engine optimisation.  A person with this qualification may find employment in, e.g., website development companies, agencies (PR, marketing, creative and social media agencies) as well as media houses or run his/her own business. Additionally, this qualification may improve the credibility of freelancers.

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